Our Vision

Bringing new worlds of work to life

- by caring about

environmental resources,

people, and customer success.

Sustainability as a strategic component

Sustainability has been an integral part of the corporate strategy for many years. In the future, TAKKT will differentiate itself even more from other market players in this area. The Group is convinced that sustainability represents competitive advantages across all stages of the value chain and enhances company value for the long term.

Focus areas and goals

We care – we stand by our responsibility to our employees, to our customers and partners and, of course, also for minimizing our ecological footprint. Our aim: continuous improvement for a future worth living. This is also a clear expression of our vision – to bring new worlds of work to life.

Maria Zesch – CEO of TAKKT AG



We see that our customers’ working worlds are changing drastically – from the office to the hybrid office, from the traditional restaurant to take-aways and self-service, from plastic packaging for protecting products through to sustainable paperboard as a marketing message. One topic has gained in importance in all segments: Sustainability.  Tomorrow's working environments will be resource-conserving, climate-friendly and tailored to the social and health needs of customers and employees. Transparent and sustainable certified procurement will be standard in a value chain at the end of which are products with a clearly identifiable social added value. We see bringing these future working worlds to life not only as a social responsibility, but also as an important growth opportunity. 

Sustainability already today plays an important role in buying decisions for more than half of our customers. This relevance is also evident in significantly higher willingness to pay for products that have social or ecological added value.


With our Sustainability Ambitions 2025, we therefore take responsibility for the impact of our activities along the value chain, address the specific expectations of our stakeholders, and at the same time pave the way for realizing the associated business opportunities. The framework is set by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are most important for TAKKT. We address these SDGs directly with our focus areas.