Our vision

Bringing new worlds of work to life

- by caring about

environmental resources,

people, and customer success.

Sustainability as a strategic component

Sustainability has been an integral part of our corporate strategy for years. We are convinced that sustainability represents a competitive advantage across all stages of the value chain and permanently increases corporate value.

Our sustainability strategy

Sustainability is firmly anchored in TAKKT's corporate strategy. The holistic approach encompasses not only financial aspects but also social and environmental concerns. While Growth stands for economic growth, OneTAKKT aims at a more integrated opreation of the Group. Caring forms the third pillar of the strategy and takes into account the concerns of all key stakeholder groups as well as key sustainability aspects.

Sustainable corporate practices are essential against the backdrop of global climate-related challenges. TAKKT therefore strives to make its business activities ecologically sustainable, socially fair and economically efficient. The continuous improvement for a more livable future reflects the responsibility towards employees, customers and partners. To this end, TAKKT has defined three focus areas that are to be optimized in the future with the help of sustainability KPIs and clearly defined targets:


As a B2B omnichannel distributor, TAKKT's focus is particularly on the product level and in its cooperation with suppliers. Therefore, the product portfolio is continuously evaluated and analyzed. Enkelfähig products take into account environmental, social and economic impacts and clearly stand out from other products in the categories of circular economy, climate change, biodiversity, innovation and profitability. The goal is therefore to increase the share of these products and create transparency for the customers so that they can take sustainability into account in their purchasing decisions. At the same time, TAKKT works closely with suppliers to also optimize social aspects along the value chain. Responsible corporate action takes into account all dimensions of the business environment and is a prerequisite for moving forward successfully in the long term.

Sustainability governance:
With the help of the company-wide SCORE governance (Sustainable Corporate Responsibility Governance), TAKKT ensures the operational implementation of its sustainability goals. The governance structure defines responsibilities for key sustainability issues in each division. Guidelines, policies and training courses support its effectiveness and serve as orientation for all employees of the Group. Progress in the area of sustainability is regularly monitored on the basis of sustainability KPIs and communicated transparently. In this way, TAKKT guarantees consistent management of risks and opportunities resulting from its own business activities.