We are committed to expanding

our position as role model

for sustainability

in our industry by 2020.

We bundle and manage our activities within the six focus areas in order to ensure sustainable, responsible action within the TAKKT organization.
For us, however, sustainability does not end at the companyʼs boundaries.


Sustainability is not a new concept for TAKKT. It has always been an entrepreneurial tradition in the group to manage all resources as carefully as possible.

Guided by the principles of sustainability, we actively support environmental and climate protection in our core business and take responsibility for our products in the areas of sourcing, marketing and logistics. We are also committed to the concerns of our employees and those in our social environment.

In 2011, TAKKT started the company-wide SCORE sustainability program. Based on our entrepreneurial tradition of managing resources carefully, we have defined the six core focus areas and the operational goals of our sustainability strategy for the first time. 2012 the first sustainability report was published for the year 2011. Over time, we were able to make significant progress in all areas.

We achieved an important intermediate
objective at the end of 2016:
TAKKT is the role model
for sustainability in the industry.

4More information about our sustainability report 2017

We view sustainability as an integral part of our long-term corporate success. Therefore, we are not content to rest on what has been achieved, but instead want to use this as a basis for intensifying our activities further. TAKKT developed the sustainability strategy for 2020 as part of a comprehensive stakeholder-dialogue. The focus areas of sourcing, marketing, logistics, resources and climate, employees and society defined by the end of 2016 were confirmed. The concrete goals and measures to be achieved by the end of 2020 were then defined for the individual focus areas.

We are commited to expanding
our position as role model
for sustainability
in our industry by 2020.

4More information about the goals 2020

UN Global Compact

TAKKT has been an active supporter of the Global Compact Initiative of the United Nations since the beginning of 2012. TAKKT is committed to complying with the ten universal principles of the Global Compact in the areas of human rights, working standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption and to ensure their propagation. With the comprehensive Sustainability Report 2017, TAKKT was one of a few German companies to achieve the Global Compact “Advanced Level” status again. The focus of this high level of reporting is on implementation and compliance with the ten principles. The reporting is very results oriented and contains significantly more indicators than in the "Active Level".

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

TAKKT has successfully been participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) every year since 2008. It aims to compare the climate strategy from different companies and to reduce the emissions  sustainably. In the year under review, TAKKT achieved a CDP Climate Score of "C". This puts TAKKT among the top of the participating SDAX companies.