Office Furniture & Displays

New Work has changed office working environments a lot in recent years, a process that is set to continue. We have the flexibility to decide for ourselves when, where and how we want to work. Employers that impose rigid requirements will have a hard time recruiting employees and keeping them within the company. And the office environments of tomorrow have to be so appealing and versatile that they offer employees real advantages compared to working from home. This calls for workplaces equipped with modern and ergonomic office furniture, but also areas for one-on-one discussions, rooms featuring technology for both face-to-face and virtual meetings, and quiet work zones. Our brands in the OF&D division help our customers to create these attractive working environments.

The OF&D division is mainly active in the US:

  • National Business Furniture (NBF) offers office furniture products in the US. The customers include companies and service providers such as lawyers and architects as well as public institutions like government agencies and schools. Some examples of products are office chairs and desks, conference tables and furniture for reception areas.
  • Displays2go offers sales promotion products in the US. Products include advertising banners, digital display stands, mobile trade booths and fixtures. Mydisplays offers a similar product range in Germany.