Business activities

Our segments

The TAKKT Group consists of two segments with a total of seven divisions. The TAKKT EUROPE segment is divided into the divisions KAISER+KRAFT group (products include, e.g., pallet lifting trucks, universal cabinets, desk chairs, environmental cabinets and containers for hazardous materials), ratioform group (e.g., collapsible boxes, package padding, shipping pallets and stretch film) and the Newport group (desks, shelves and sales displays). The TAKKT AMERICA segment is comprised of four divisions. The Hubert group (e.g., serving platters and food baskets), Central group (e.g., kitchen stoves and freezers), Displays2go group (e.g., signage, display stands, mobile trade booths and fixtures) and the NBF group (e.g., desk chairs, desks, conference tables and furniture for reception areas).


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