Business activities

TAKKT AG is the leading omnichannel distributor for business equipment in Europe and North America. The Group is represented in more than 25 countries and addresses the market with the following three divisions:

Each division has a focused product portfolio that is primarily geared to a specific work environment. In I&P, the work environment is the factory floor or warehouse in the manufacturing and logistics industries. OF&D specializes in products for service providers. This includes equipment for working at the office or from home. The FS area offers products required for meal and food preparation and presentation in hotels, restaurants and catering establishments.

The aim of the organizational alignment along product categories and worlds of work is to fully realize the sales potential. The work of the divisions will focus on market and customer-related functions such as sales, marketing, e-commerce and category management. These tasks are being increasingly coordinated and consolidated within the divisions across the individual sales brands. This enables better use of internal resources and skills, such as through the expansion of cross-selling and in the ongoing improvement and new development of future-oriented products and services for the respective world of work.

TAKKT plans to further integrate supporting functions that are critical for success and to consolidate them on the Group level. The focus will be on Logistics, Technology & Data, Finance and HR. Integrating these functions centrally offers greater synergies, and the larger areas of responsibility make it easier to recruit experts and develop core areas of expertise within the Group.

The structures in finance were already fully integrated in 2022, and are managed and controlled centrally throughout the Group. Integration of HR is planned for 2023. In logistics, the new structure has already been implemented in Europe. In addition to the organizational integration and uniform management of the warehouse and logistics function, which was previously separated into sales brands, this also included the development of a uniform warehouse concept for all of Europe, which will reduce the number of locations in the medium term. Technology & data is now also controlled and managed centrally in Europe. In addition, TAKKT developed the goal and road map for the future European IT system landscape. In 2023, the focus of the transformation of the Group functions will be increasingly in the US.