Our M&A strategy 

In addition to organic growth, TAKKT also wants to continue to grow through acquisitions. For this, suitable companies are sought whose products and solutions strengthen and complement the existing activities:

  • Strengthening and supplementing the existing business activities
  • Development of new and attractive target markets (customers/products/geographies) in which TAKKT is not yet active.

Our M&A activities can be divided into two approaches

  • Strengthening the existing businesses and business models (add-on and adjacent acquisitions): TAKKT is looking for companies that complement the existing activities of our portfolio companies, e.g. in existing customer segments, geographies or in adjacent product assortments.
    Furthermore, TAKKT is interested in companies that expand the existing business activities of our portfolio companies, in order to offer additional value to the customer (before, during and/or after the purchase). This includes for example complementing services or the manufacturing, adaptation or customization of products.
    For add-on acquisitions, TAKKT usually looks for profitable companies with revenues in the low to mid-double-digit million euro range.
  • Entering new target markets (transformative acquisition): Transformative acqusition targets are companies that are present in a target market (customers/products/geographies) that TAKKT has assessed as being attractive and in which TAKKT has not yet been active. These companies should have a sufficient size (target companies have a sales volume of (prospectively) at least EUR 50 million) and are suitable as a basis for further expansion through add-on and/or adjacent acquisitions.

We are continuously searching for acquisition opportunities that are a good strategic fit to our business. If you would like to become a part of the TAKKT Group or if you represent such a company, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Read here about the development prospects that TAKKT provides to its affiliated companies and which acquisition criteria we use to select suitable companies.

Over the last years, we purchased ten businesses, six of which since 2015.

Dutch e-commerce foodservice equipment supplier




Leading online shop for office furniture and business equipment in UK

www.officefurnitureonline.co.uk and www.equip4work.co.uk


Distance seller for business equipment based in Sweden



Specialist for display systems, large-format printing and advertising technology


Established specialist for customized printed advertising material in the US




Leading online direct-marketing specialist for business equipment in the UK



Leading US-American direct marketing company for display articles




Multi-Channel company for packaging materials



Company specialised in restaurant equipment focusing on telesales




Leading US-company for office equipment