Venture capital

Why TAKKT venture capital?

We want to support young companies in their development with smart money.

Smart money - What founders can expect from TAKKT

As a strategic investor, we can support young companies with our know-how as an internationally operating direct marketing company, especially in these areas: logistics, procurement, marketing, market knowledge, network & group of companies. 

Motives for investments

  • Gain access to visionary founders and talents
  • Contribute to the growth and scalability of start-up business models by injecting TAKKT know-how into the investments
  • Participate in high growth of young companies
  • Gain new expertise from start-ups concerning markets and innovations (game-changing products or sales approach)


Organization of our investments

  • The investments are made by TAKKT Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TAKKT AG
  • Direct communication lines, fast decision-making
  • Flexibility concerning time frame of investment – we support successful founders both as a long-term shareholder and when exiting the business
  • Includes investments as co-investor alongside VC funds or other investors


We are continuously looking for young companies where we can contribute something as a smart investor. If you know an investment opportunity, please contact us. You can find our portfolio here.