Business model


The TAKKT Group specializes in B2B distance selling for business equipment. Sales are carried out mainly via e-commerce, and customers are also addressed through print marketing and key account managers. The divisions and brands operate in attractive markets and focus primarily on selling to corporate customers in various industries and regions, with the goods involved typically being durable and less price-sensitive equipment as well as special items that are needed on a regular basis. The product ranges that are offered mostly encompass durables that companies use for their business activities. The TAKKT companies supply products such as pallet lifting trucks to German automobile suppliers, computer cabinets to Swiss mechanical engineering companies, custom-printed advertising banners for trade shows, shipping cartons to European industrial companies and food service equipment to commercial kitchens in the US.

TAKKT positions itself in the market as an omnichannel direct marketing specialist for business equipment with a comprehensive range of services. Its niche positioning allows the Group companies to create significant added value for both customers and suppliers. The competitive environment is highly fragmented and shaped by the growing importance of the e-commerce business.

In the B2B environment, the customer considers the price in relation to product, quality and service. This means that distance selling is especially appealing to customers if they can find and order good products at attractive prices quickly and easily. They also expect a high level of advice and service with respect to the actual product. TAKKT’s strength lies in its ability to address and serve these various customer needs in a targeted way. The service that the TAKKT companies offer their customers to ensure their long-term loyalty includes the following services in particular:

  • One-stop shop for a broad range of products
  • Co-creation of future worlds of work
  • Easy ordering and fast delivery
  • Needs-based products and well-organized presentation
  • Personalized advising and individual offers
  • Customized solutions
  • Project management
  • Long warranty periods

In addition to added value for the customer, TAKKT also creates considerable benefits on the supplier side. Inclusion in the product range of a TAKKT company brings benefits for these suppliers compared to independently distributing their products. They obtain direct access to a very large number of customers in different countries and thus circumvent natural market entry barriers that result from the different currencies, languages and legal frameworks, especially in Europe.

  • Unlocking even greater customer potential
  • Close partnership and joint product development
  • Professional product sales
  • Presence in many different domestic markets
  • Greater efficiency