Business model

The TAKKT Group is a portfolio of B2B direct marketing specialists for business equipment. TAKKT AG as a management holding company is responsible for the strategic management and monitoring of the portfolio companies as well as the control of the companies according to the same value and growth drivers. A key aim of TAKKT AG is to ensure a stable, profitable and growth-oriented portfolio of direct marketing specialists in different complementary markets, product areas and regions in the long term.

The portfolio companies and brands of the TAKKT Group operate in attractive, fragmented markets in the area of B2B direct marketing and mainly concentrate on the sale of long-lasting equipment at stable prices and regularly required special items to business customers. The product ranges mostly encompass durables that businesses use for their business activities. Products that TAKKT companies supply include pallet lifting trucks to German automotive suppliers, computer cabinets to Swiss mechanical engineers, custom-printed advertising banners for trade shows, shipping cartons to European industrial companies or food service supplies to commercial kitchens in the US. Sales are carried out as part of an integrated multi-channel approach through the sales and marketing channels print (catalogs and brochures), online (web shops and e-procurement solutions), telesales (telephone customer service) and field activities (personal assistance from field sales).



Attractive market position due to added value for the customer

The companies of the TAKKT Group operate in an attractive market niche. In B2B direct marketing, the customer considers the price in relation to a package that includes product, quality and service. For customers, good direct marketing means finding high-quality products quickly and being able to order them easily. They also expect a high level of service with respect to the actual product. It is exactly in this area that the strengths of the Group companies lie. The services that the TAKKT companies offer their customers to retain them for the long-term mainly include in particular the following:

  • High-quality products and well-organized presentation
  • Easy ordering and fast delivery
  • Individual quotes
  • Customized solutions
  • Project management
  • Long warranty periods


In addition to added value for the customer, TAKKT also creates considerable benefits on the supplier side. Inclusion in the product range of a TAKKT company brings benefits for these suppliers compared to the independent distribution of their products. They obtain direct access to a very large number of customers in different countries and thus circumvent natural market entry barriers that result from the different currencies, languages and legal frameworks, especially in Europe.

Added value for suppliers:

  • Opening up enormous customer potential
  • Professional product sales
  • Presence in many different domestic markets
  • Easy onboarding and intensive support
  • Greater efficiency

The market niche of B2B direct marketing specialist is also advantageous from TAKKT’s perspective in the following ways:

  • TAKKT uses an extremely fragmented supplier pool and maintains supplier relationships that are well-established and last many years. TAKKT’s customer base is also broadly diversified, meaning that it caters to customers of various sizes and from different industries and is therefore not necessarily dependent on single large orders or major customers.
  • The market environment of many TAKKT companies is characterized by business model-specific market entry barriers. A potential new competitor first has to make significant investments in marketing, IT and logistics and incur several years of start-up losses before it can achieve the margins that are standard in the sector. These investments only pay off when a company manages to develop a loyal customer base that provides repeat business at regular intervals.