Compliance - A joint task

The TAKKT Group Compliance-Helpline



With its diverse business activities, TAKKT Group operates in various cultural, social, economic, and regulatory environments. Notwithstanding this diversity, TAKKT Group has a fundamental understanding of the values of openness and integrity. Entrepreneurial action that is always guided by ethical principles is part of the fundamental corporate philosophy of TAKKT Group. The Code of Ethics forms the essential basis for this as a framework of values. Our goal is to assume responsibility beyond the legal requirements. We continuously develop measures that ensure in the long term that employees and business partners are aware of our compliance principles and act accordingly.



It is a joint task to comply with the applicable rules and regulations at all times. To promote a compliance culture within and outside our corporate boundaries, TAKKT Group offers a worldwide compliance helpline that is available to internal and external whistleblowers alike.




The TAKKT Compliance Helpline enables the confidential reporting of illegal and unethical conduct as well as compliance violations.


Which topics are covered by the compliance helpline?

Misconduct, illegal acts, or omissions in connection with TAKKT Group’s Code of Ethics, in particular:


Inquiries related to our general business activities, such as:
•    White-collar crime, in particular conflicts of interest, corruption & violations of fair competition

•    Investor Relations Inquiries

•   Product safety and product compliance violations•    M&A Inquiries
•    Violations of sanctions•    Employment and employment-related inquiries: Careers
•    Compliance violations in the supply chain
•    Discrimination of any kind
•    Data protection and IT security

What is the mechanism of the compliance helpline?

•    Anonymity is guaranteed upon request
•    Entry of the report in writing or as voice recording
•    Confidential review of the information by the TAKKT Group Compliance Team
•    Further communication takes place (anonymously) via the platform
•   Tracking of the processing status via an individual case number

The Compliance Helpline is available 24/7 and 365 days a year here!




Reports from the United States:

In addition to the Compliance Helpline, individuals located in the U.S. can also report concerns to +1  18335777766.