Our worlds of work are undergoing a process of fundamental change. This development is being driven by megatrends such as increasing digitalization, automation and the use of artificial intelligence, mounting competition for labor, the ever-growing importance of sustainability and much more flexible forms of work in line with the New Work trend. We are helping our customers to shape the working worlds of tomorrow. Our organizational structure, with its three divisions, reflects this objective. Each division has a focused product portfolio that is primarily geared to a specific work environment. In Industrial & Packaging, the work environment is the factory floor or warehouse in the manufacturing and logistics industries. Office Furniture & Displays specializes in products for service providers. This includes equipment for working at the office or from home. The FoodService area offers products required for meal and food preparation and presentation in hotels, restaurants and catering establishments. Together with our customers, we are creating attractive working environments for employees and customers alike, laying the foundation for shared success.

Office Furniture & Displays

New Work has changed office working environments a lot in recent years, a process that is set to continue. We have the flexibility to decide for ourselves when, where and how we want to work. Employers that impose rigid requirements will have a hard time recruiting employees and keeping them within the company. And the office environments of tomorrow have to be so appealing and versatile that they offer employees real advantages compared to working from home. This calls for workplaces equipped with modern and ergonomic office furniture, but also areas for one-on-one discussions, rooms featuring technology for both face-to-face and virtual meetings, and quiet work zones. Our brands in the OF&D division help our customers to create these attractive working environments.

Industrial & Packaging

Supply chain disruptions, increasing automation and the advance of digitalization are just some of the trends that are fueling lasting changes in the working environment in production and logistics. Transport packaging no longer just needs to be functional and protect the products being transported. It is also used to get advertising messages across and is expected to meet sustainable criteria. People, machinery and workpieces are networked with each other, and processes are becoming faster, more individual and more efficient. At the same time, requirements regarding documentation and occupational safety are becoming increasingly stringent. Our products and consulting services in the Industrial & Packaging division help prepare our customers for these new challenges.


The consequences of the pandemic have permanently changed the working environment in the restaurant and catering industries. The increasing popularity of take-away, delivery services and self-service options is placing new demands on restaurants, canteens and hotels. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find employees to work in this industry. On the one hand, process automation and standardization will become more important as a result; on the other, companies will be forced to create jobs that are as appealing as possible for applicants. Our FoodService division supports our customers not only by offering products for food preparation and presentation, but also by helping them to create sustainable working environments.

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