Committed to an outstanding customer experience,
the responsible use of resources,
and strong growth.

We have our eyes on the future. Because we are in it for the long run.

Delivering benefits for our customers, caring about our employees, and protecting our planet will result in growth and financial success for our Group.

Being the most sustainable and pioneering provider of workspace equipment is the only way to secure and expand our market position.

We achieve this by embracing the latest technologies, breaking new ground, and looking at our customers’ challenges from every angle.

Because it is only by providing simple and fast access to B2B workspace equipment that our customers will actively promote our products and services through positive feedback and word-of-mouth.

We are committed to the responsible use of resources and as such, every decision we make is supported by economic, ecological and social considerations.

Because we are aware of the finiteness of these resources.

We will continue to be a leader in our field and grow above the market.

Because this is in the interests of our employees and shareholders. And because growth enables us to seize market opportunities as they arise, and so ensure a positive future for the TAKKT Group.

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Our Core Behaviors

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