Vision 2020

We want to double our e-commerce business until 2020 by creating an outstanding customer experience through digitalization.


We strive to transform our organization in a step change by putting digital first and focusing on customer centricity.


We will invest up to EUR 50 million until 2020 in our people and new technologies.


The implementation of our Digital Agenda will increase our midterm organic sales growth.



 “In the future, we will use digital technology comprehensively across all processes, starting from the customer interface all the way to our portfolio of products and services.

However, the success of digital transformation does not depend on technology, but rather on the people who shape and advance it.”

Elke Katz, CDO Ratioform



At TAKKT we asked ourselves if we were sufficiently prepared to successfully implement the digital transformation. Six major companies in our portfolio were critically analyzed in relationship to one target group, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of each of the companies in key focus areas of the digital transformation. In particular, the strengths are the result of the extensive experience in core areas of expertise of our B2B direct marketing business model. In addition to sourcing and marketing, this also includes very efficient processes in logistics and order processing.

Room for improvement was found, for instance, in the efforts to expand digital expertise as well as in having an unconditional focus of our activities on the constantly changing needs of our customers in the digital age.

During the self-assessment, it also became clear that our most recent acquisitions are already promisingly positioned in major focus areas of the digital transformation, while the more established companies performed better in the classic areas of expertise.

Overall, due to radical technological developments and changes in the market and the results of our own strength and weakness analysis, we have identified the need to develop our own Digital Agenda to complement the existing strategic initiatives.

At TAKKT we see three key activities in our Digital Agenda for a successful digital transformation: digitalization of the entire value chain, agile organzation models and innovative business models. Built on this, we have defined six focus areas in the Digital Agenda to ensure consistent, successful implementation of the digital transformation.

Within these focus areas, we have established very concrete measures, which we aim to implement over a brief period of time with small, efficient projects. Finally, we have defined the resources we require and the additional digital competencies that we would like to develop.

We look forward to the new opportunities made possible by the digital transformation. We firmly believe that we will be able to create a corporate culture that accelerates the digital transformation, which at the same time will require some significant changes. We pursue new forms of organization and new ways of working, empower our employees and invest in new talents and state-of-the-art software solutions. We also establish formats for an open exchange between experts in different segments.

The aim is to be able to use acquired knowledge and tools of the trade at our own company at any time. After all, we create attractive, innovative work environments designed to promote new ways of working and, in particular, the creativity of our teams. By having concrete goals we can measure our success.

Digital Agenda

Digital Agenda


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