We Are Driving the Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation affects all employees of the TAKKT companies as we shape our digital future together. Driven by the management teams and with support from the Management Board, the transformation is forging ahead. There are many challenges to overcome. The implementation of new ways of working and the development of digital skills are only two of them. New talent and the exchange of ideas with the start-ups of the TAKKT investment company inject fresh thinking into the companies and expand their horizons. Not every change is simple, but as a strong team we look forward to exciting times.

The Management Board of TAKKT AG is an important driver of the Digital Agenda:

Dr. Felix Zimmermann, Chairman of the Management Board

Dr. Heiko Hegwein, Member of the Management Board

Dirk Lessing, Member of the Management Board

Dr. Claude Tomaszewski, Chief Financial Officer

An international team of digital experts is forging ahead with the implementation of the Digital Agenda at the individual companies. For this purpose the role of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has been established and staffed in each of the six divisions. The Senior Digital Advisor of TAKKT AG coordinates the team of six CDOs and is responsible for the joint implementation of the Digital Agenda. “The Digital Agenda has absolute priority in the TAKKT Group. Since we have direct links to the management of the companies and to the Management Board, we have very short decision-making processes, we can implement digital topics extremely quickly and we can promote cultural change on a top-down basis. Through the intensive collaboration of the CDOs, we can multiply our experiences and accelerate the Digital Transformation even further,” says Peter Bruhn, Senior Digital Advisor of TAKKT AG.

The CDO team is comprised as follows:

Peter Bruhn, Senior Digital Advisor TAKKT AG
Thorsten Louis, CDO KAISER+KRAFT Gruppe
Elke Katz, CDO/CMO Ratioform Gruppe
Greg Banks, CDO/CMO Hubert Gruppe
Nat Norris, CDO Central Gruppe
Chris Hayes, CDO NBF Gruppe
Bryan Snietka, CDO/CTO D2G Gruppe

TAKKT AG established the Digital Transformation Advisory Board in 2015. It is responsible for providing the TAKKT Management Board and the Chief Digital Officers of our Group companies with advice and support in times of change, as well as promoting innovation skills. Experienced experts from the digital economy anticipate and examine digital trends and help identify digital opportunities and risks.
The Advisory Board contributes an external perspective and acts as an advisor. It poses purposeful questions and evaluates what could prove to be fundamentally important for the future success of TAKKT AG.

Dr. Martin Enderle
Freelance management consultantExpert in digital start-ups and business models, former CEO of Scout24

Joseph Noronha
Director, Detecon Innovation Institute, Silicon Valley, USA
Expert in digital innovations

Professor Dr. Martin Spann
Director of the Institute of Electronic Commerce and Digital Markets
Expert in digitalization, marketing and innovation


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