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Our digital agenda places our customers at the forefront. To us, “customer centricity” means actively using the opportunities of digitalization in order to gear all our activities toward the customer. In addition, we introduce new thinking to our companies and open ourselves up to new ideas. Together with our employees, we are shaping the digital transformation.



Our Vision


Digital Agenda

+++ Highlights 2017 +++

TAKKT AG was awarded first place at the Digital Champions Award in the "Digital Processes and Organization" category. The award was created by the German magazine WirtschaftsWoche and Deutsche Telekom in 2016 and identifies medium-sized companies that are on the right track in the digital transformation. TAKKT impressed the jury with its comprehensive approach to digital transformation. Eleven companies in four categories made it to the final round with their digital solutions and strategies. The jury consisted of high-profile representatives from business, science and the media and was impressed by the comprehensive approach TAKKT and its companies are pursuing for their digital transformation. At the ceremony, which took place in Berlin at the end of June, TAKKT CEO Felix Zimmermann was pleased about the award: “This represents both recognition and obligation at the same time.” Zimmermann emphasized that the development of new technologies and innovative solutions must be accompanied by a cultural change, which can only be achieved if it is supported by all employees.

For further information on the award, see http://digitalchampionsaward.wiwo.de/.

Interdisziplinäre Teams aller sechs TAKKT-Divisionen haben sich der Herausforderung des Future@TAKKT-Awards gestellt. Die Aufgabe bestand darin, einen „Customer Pain Point“ mittels Design Thinking-Methode zu lösen. Bei dieser  Innovationsmethode stehen die Wünsche und Bedürfnisse der Nutzer sowie eine nutzerorientierte Lösungsfindung im Zentrum des Prozesses. Dies erfordert eine neue Denkweise – aus Sicht und unter Einbindung der Kunden. Die Schmerzpunkte der Kunden verstehen, Ideen entwickeln, diese gemeinsam verifizieren, einen ersten einfachen Prototypen entwickeln und erneut in den Kundendialog zu treten – das ist Design Thinking. Nach einem zweitägigen Training starteten die Teams, um Ideen zur Lösung der ganz individuellen Pain Points ihrer Kunden zu entwickeln. Entstanden sind sechs spannende Prototypen. Der Award für Platz 1 ging in diesem Jahr an Davpack für das innovative Webshop-Feature „Remind me“, das es den Kunden mittels automatisiertem Workflow per Erinnerungsfunktion ermöglicht, Verpackungsmaterial nachzubestellen, bevor es zur Neige geht.

Dieses Video zeigt die Ergebnisse und den Weg dorthin.


The 18-month international talent program “Corporate Digital Entrepreneurship (CDE)” is off to a great start. Six talented young individuals from Europe and the USA, with a distinct digital mindset and initial experiences from start-ups and digital companies, are starting the first round of the new program. Just as in a trainee program, the CDEs pass through various locations at TAKKT AG and its portfolio companies and work on digital projects together with colleagues on-site.

Their learning journey includes training in digital methodologies, such as design thinking, lean start-up, agile working and prototyping, as well as the use of these skills in the respective projects. In the process, each CDE assumes the role of a change agent on a small scale and introduces digital expertise and new mindsets to the companies. Participants are selected on the basis of a recently reworked detailed competency profile that evaluates mindset, personality, leadership and digital skills. Along with sound training and active involvement in various positions at the companies, additional exciting experiences are also on the agenda, such as a trip through Silicon Valley and working in the TAKKT investment company start-ups.

The initiative’s goal is to infuse the existing TAKKT Group with digital talent distinguished by an innate ‘what if’ mindset, an eagerness to introduce new ideas and the skills to successfully implement them.

The CDEs report on their experiences and adventures in their blog.