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TAKKT Group – market-leading, customer-oriented, international

We are the market-leading B2B direct-marketing specialist for business equipment in Europe and North America. Customers worldwide place their trust in our high-quality products for business equipment.

TAKKT AG as a management holding company consists of the two segments TAKKT EUROPE and TAKKT AMERICA as well as the service companies and their sales companies. As a globally active group, we run over 50 sales companies and employ around 2,500 people.

The Business Equipment Group (BEG) success story began in Stuttgart in 1945. Walter Kaiser and Helmut Kraft founded a company that went on to become Europe’s leading B2B direct marketing company for plant, warehouse and office equipment in the following decades. Today, over 1,000 employees in more than 20 European countries as well as China work for the brands KAISER+KRAFT, gaerner, Gerdmans, KWESTO, Certeo and BiGDUG, which sell their range of products via catalog, the internet, telephone and field sales. As the operational service holding company based in Stuttgart, KAISER+KRAFT EUROPA GmbH is in charge of the central functions such as catalog production, web shop support and purchasing. The BEG is the largest division in the TAKKT Group.

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Facts Sales Regions Brands
1,034 employees 23 European countries, KAISER+KRAFT
61,000 products China gaerner
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Facts Sales Regions Brands
328 employees Germany, Austria, Switzerland, ratioform
6,500 products Spain, Italy, Great Britain Davpack
150,000 customers

The Packaging Solutions Group (PSG) comprises the operational companies of the Ratioform and Davpack sales brands. Both brands sell a complete range of transport packaging solutions to B2B customers from different industries. Ratioform Verpackungen GmbH, which is based in Pliening near Munich, was acquired in the 2012 financial year and is Germany’s market leader in multi-channel direct marketing for transport packaging and also operates in five other European countries. All of the company’s products are available in stock. A high quality of service is guaranteed by the high level of stock availability and quick delivery to customers.

The Specialties Group (SPG) comprises the Hubert brand in the USA, Canada, Germany, France and Switzerland as well as Central Restaurant Products, Displays2Go and Post-up Stand in the USA. Its customers are mainly from the food service and retail sectors. Established in 1946, Hubert is the leading direct marketing group for supplies and equipment for these two sectors in the US. Central offers products for the restaurant industry. This product range is aimed primarily at satisfying the needs of smaller customers. The web-focused selection from GPA/Displays2Go is the leading B2B direct marketing specialist for displays in the USA. The latest addition to this division has been Post-up Stand – a direct-marketing specialist for customized printed displays in the USA.

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Facts Sales Regions Brands
723 employees USA, Canada, Germany, HUBERT
143,000 products Switzerland, France Central
500,000 customers DISPLAYS2GO
Post-up Stand

TAKKT AMERICA operates its B2B direct marketing for office equipment via the Office Equipment Group (OEG). The NBF brand sells classic American office furniture and has also been operating in Canada since late 2010. Like NBF, the Dallas Midwest brand has been part of the TAKKT Group since 2006. Its range of office furniture and equipment is aimed  predominantly at non-profit organizations such as schools, universities, churches and government agencies. OEG also owns the web-focused brand OfficeFurniture.com.

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Facts Sales Regions Brands
166 employees USA NBF
20,000 products Canada Dallas Midwest
600,000 customers officefurniture.com

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