The TAKKT Group specializes in B2B distance selling for business equipment. The companies and brands operate in attractive markets and focus primarily on the sale of durable and less price sensitive equipment as well as special items that are needed regularly to corporate customers in various industries and regions. The product ranges that are offered mostly encompass durables that companies use for their business activities.

The business activities of TAKKT are focused on two distinguishable customer types. On the one hand, these are corporate customers with more complex requirements, and more price-conscious, transaction-oriented B2B customers on the other. In order to do this, TAKKT operates the two business models of Omnichannel Commerce and Web-focused Commerce in B2B distance selling. The Omnichannel Commerce segment addresses corporate customers with more complex requirements with a broad range of service offerings via online channels, key account managers and print advertising. The Web-focused Commerce segment gears its offerings to the less complex requirements of transaction-oriented and more price-conscious B2B customers mainly through  online channels.

The Omnichannel Commerce segment includes KAISER+KRAFT, ratioform and NBF. Newport and Displays2go are part of the Webfocused Commerce segment. Hubert and Central were part of the Omnichannel Commerce segment until the end of 2020. However, they follow a somewhat different business model from KAISER+KRAFT, ratioform and NBF. In order to drive forward the creation of the segment structures in Omnichannel Commerce, TAKKT established a third segment with Hubert and Central in the form of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies at the beginning of 2021. Various strategic options are also being explored for these two business units.

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