The Web-focused Commerce segment and its product offerings are geared to the less complex requirements of transaction-oriented and more priceconscious B2B customers. This customer group is mainly addressed through online channels.

Attractive price level

Personal advice

Broad product range

Our web-focused businesses offer a broad product range with fewer services at an attractive price level. This addresses business customers with comparatively less complex requirements. These are generally small and medium-sized businesses. Products from the entry-level price segment are often sufficient for the needs and applications of these customers. At the same time, our web-focused activities also offer personal advice (by phone or chat).

The purchasing behavior of more price-conscious B2B customers is less regular and loyal than that of more service-oriented customers. Accordingly, the share of business with new customers in the Web-focused segment is significantly higher than in the Omnichannel segment. Our web-focused businesses therefore focus on effective search engine optimization (SEO and SEA) and online marketing activities for attracting new customers, while offering the easiest and quickest digital searching and ordering process possible for individual transactions.

The business activities of Newport and Displays2go are bundled in the Web-focused Commerce segment.

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