Corporate Values

TAKKT’s success is based on the commitment of its employees and its specific business model. It is vital to the success of the company to acknowledge the role each individual plays and their contribution. TAKKT’s corporate values provide a touchstone and form the basis for internal collaboration as well as cooperation with business partners.



At TAKKT, we ensure that corporate reality is immediately visible and perceptible to staff and management. This means that we communicate transparently and clearly, act in a direct and straightforward manner and managers and employees know how their performance is contributing to the success of the company.

At TAKKT, we are constantly working on making our actions measurable, scalable and more efficient. The combination of judgement and consistency in the implementation of the TAKKT business model makes it possible to actively manage our profitability and value creation for the benefit of all stakeholders.

At TAKKT, we strive to do everything we can to ensure that our customers and suppliers regard us as a partner for our mutual success and that they are highly motivated to work closely together with us. Consistent very high customer satisfaction, outstanding service quality and promoting our mutual benefit are all top priorities for us. We want to be better than the competition.

At TAKKT, we stand for continuity and reliability, especially in times of change. Our actions are always undertaken with medium- and long-term goals in mind. We are committed to growth with substance, continuous learning and consistent adaptation to changes and new conditions.

At TAKKT, we actively accept our social responsibility and are committed to calling for and promoting ecological and human values. We take care to respect individual and cultural characteristics and consider sustainability an important element of our competitive advantage.

At TAKKT, we are true to our word. With that in mind, reliability and transparent behaviour are the benchmark for our actions. Even in case of conflicts, we assume good intentions, provide support and search together for workable solutions. Trust, respect and meeting others on equal terms are essential values for us.