Status 2016


We achieved our goal of becoming the role model
for sustainability in our industry!


At the end of 2016, we met an important interim objective: TAKKT is the role model for sustainability in the industry.
We were able to achieve this by making sustainability an integral part of every area of our company and making progress in all focus areas. TAKKT´s single-tier direct marketing model generally offers clear advantages over trading systems with local stores. Shipping routes are optimized and emissions minimized due to the eliminiation of additional transportation steps. At the same time, since 2011 we have been working continously to reduce the use of resources at all stages of value creation and be as environmentally friendly as possible. With the further development of our business model into a multichannel PLUS company, our customer approach was significantly improved. We see the possibilities of the growing digitalization as a clear opportunity to make processes even faster and more effiient. For example, systematic expansion of the e-commerce business has allowed us to increase the efficiency of customer-oriened marketing and save on resources at the same time by reducing paper use.


Share of certified suppliers
Goal 2016: 10%
Status 2016: 3.5%
Status 2015: 3.1%

Status 2013: pilot project

Share of sourcing volume from certified suppliers
Ziel 2016: 50%
Status 2016: 40.5%
Status 2015: 36.6%
Status 2013: pilot project
Sales with sustainable ("green") products
Ziel 2016: 10%
Status 2016: 9.8%
Status 2015: 9.6%
Status 2011: 1.7%
focus areas


E-commerce share of order intake
Goal 2016: 40%
Status 2016: 39.0%
Status 2015: 36.5%
Status 2011: 21.3%
Paper consumption per eur million turnover
Goal 2016: 22.7
Status 2016: 13.7
Status 2015: 18.2
Status 2011: 34.9
Carbon emission per kilogram of
paper advertising materials
Goal 2016: 1.41
Status 2016: 1.44
Status 2015: 1.59
Status 2011: 2.35
Share of advertising materials made from
FSC-/PEFC paper
Goal 2016: 100%
Status 2016: 98.8%
Status 2015: 98.9%
Status 2011: 57.0%
focus areas


Range of carbon-neutral solutions
Goal 2016: Range of parcel and general
cargo delivery solutions
Status 2016: further expansion of
carbon-neutral parcel and general cargo
delivery in Europe and the US
Status 2015: further expansion of
carbon-neutral parcel and general cargo
delivery in Europe
Status 2013: pilot project for carbon-neutral
general cargo delivery
focus areas

Resources & Climate

Carbon footprints for major companies
Goal 2016: 10
Status 2016: 10
Status 2015: 10
Status 2011: 1
Environmental management systems for
major companies
Goal 2016: 7
Status 2016: 3
Status 2015: 3
Status 2011: 1
Energy consumption at GER/US locations based
on locations in 2011 (in thousand gigajoule)
Goal 2016: 97.8
Status 2016: 69.9
Status 2015: 664
Status 2011: 114.9
focus areas


Recruitment, promotion and development of talents
Goal 2016: Range of parcel and general cargo
delivery solutions

Status 2016: Group-wide rollout
largely completed

Status 2015: Setup of systematic human
resources development started in all groups
Status 2013: pilot project
focus areas


Percentage of employees who have the option
of taking paid leave for local volunteer involvement
Ziel 2016: 30 %
Status 2016: 41.2 %
Status 2015: 37.9%
Status 2011: 5.9 %
focus areas

New goals 2020