Since 2012, TAKKT has been publishing sustainability reports prepared according to the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). These guidelines are an internationally accepted framework, which enables comparability between different companies of sectors and sizes in relation to ecological, economic and social aspects.

In the sustainability reports, the TAKKT Group provides information on the current status regarding the most important milestones and interim goals. The 2016 sustainability report considered the latest version of the GRI-G4 guideline for sustainability reporting. As one of the few German companies, TAKKT reports at the “Comprehensive” application level and thus provides exhaustive information on the material aspects of sustainability. In addition to the condensed presentation in the printed report, comprehensive detailed information can be found on a dedicated website. By doing this, TAKKT makes it possible for stakeholders to obtain the precise information that is relevant for them.

The TAKKT sustainability update reports about the status 2016 in a compact way and informs about the new strategy and goals for the end of 2020. The report is available in print form and can be downloaded from the TAKKT website.