Digital Transformation

Our approach


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We want to double our e-commerce business until 2020 by creating an outstanding customer experience through digitalization.

We strive to transform our organization in a step change by putting digital first and focusing on customer centricity.

We will invest up to EUR 50 million until 2020 in our people and new technologies.

The implementation of our Digital Agenda will increase our midterm organic sales growth.

We want to seize the opportunities of digitalization

Digitalization is a key strategic issue for TAKKT. In times of fast-paced technology-driven transformation, customer behavior and the workplace are changing rapidly. At TAKKT, we view the trend of digitalization as a major opportunity for our business. Our business model of B2B direct marketing is already well placed to benefit from the growth of digitalization and gain additional market shares. Besides the changing interaction with the customer, we are also looking for new possibilities that arise along our entire value chain – not only in marketing but in sourcing, sales and logistics as well.

We have already had very good experiences with digital solutions throughout the Group. The percentage of e-commerce in our total sales is already around 40 percent in 2016. Now we are looking to accelerate the digital transformation and give absolute priority to this process in our planning and decision-making. We are therefore pursuing a structured approach and have set ourselves clearly defined goals, with a particular focus on the global development of digital expertise, the launch of new forms of collaboration, the creation of a “test and learn” culture and an absolute attention of all our activities on the constantly changing needs of our customers.