Our M&A Strategy

Acquisitions represent an important pillar of our growth strategy. In the long-term average they are supposed to contribute five percentage points to our annual growth rate. We focus on acquisitions in attractive niche markets, which complement our core business, B2B direct marketing for business equipment.


  • Additional growth
  • Additional expertise / know-how
  • Access to new products / markets / customers
  • Risk diversification
  • Talent acquistion
  • Innovations / new business models

Our M&A activities can be divided into two approaches

  • Platform acquisitions: Medium-sized or large companies in a market-leading position. Platform acquisitions can be the basis for further organic growth and strategic add-on acquisitions.
  • Add-on acquisitions: Smaller companies with lower but fast-growing sales that are already profitable. They can be complementary to our current activities both regionally or due to their adjacent business model.

We are continuously searching for acquisition opportunities that are a good strategic fit to our business. If you would like to become a part of the TAKKT Group or if you represent such a company, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Read here about the development prospects that TAKKT provides to its affiliated companies and which acquisition criteria we use to select suitable companies.



Over the last twelve years, we purchased seven businesses, five of which since 2012.





Specialist for display systems, large-format printing and advertising technology

Established specialist for customized printed advertising material in the US


Leading online direct-marketing specialist for business equipment in the UK

Leading US-American direct marketing company for display articles


Multi-Channel-company for packaging materials

Company specialised in restaurant equipment focusing on telesales


Leading US-company for office equipment